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  • Social Value Generator

    The tool

    The Social Value Generator is a tool to help you develop new projects that have a positive social impact. The tool allows you to design or redesign your impact initiative/venture.


    Social Value Generator helps you to:

    • Analyse in depth the social problem that you intend to solve as well as the competitiveness of the existing solutions;
    • Create value-added proposals for potential beneficiaries and all other stakeholders;
    • Develop solutions that are capable of creating value and that are impactful, sustainable and innovative;
    • Rethink your project by improving each of the key areas of your business model.
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  • Authors

    Carlos Azevedo

    Carlos is the Executive Director of IES-Social Business School and he is passionated about knowledge and training in the area of Impact Economics.

    Inês Santos Silva

    Inês has been, in the last years, one of the most active members of the Portuguese startup ecosystem.

    Tiago Ferreira

    Tiago is a social entrepreneur strategist, mentor, and trainer of hundreds of social entrepreneurs in recent years.